D-KAMP is one of a leading Salesforce consultant. We are providing end-to-end cloud application services, deep industry expertise and market-leading solutions to clients all over the world. D-KAMP and Salesforce are driving innovation to help organizations achieve the transformation needed to compete in a cloud first, digital world. Leveraging disruptive technology like artificial intelligence, analytics, and design thinking. D-KAMP and Salesforce are enabling clients to maximize business value with speed and efficiency, empower employees and provide world-class personalized customer experiences.

Salesforce brings us an array of features that help transform business. Our certified and experienced Salesforce developers can customize the platform to suit your unique business. Be it enabling cloud, mobility solutions, the Force.com platform, customizations or integrations, let us help you extract the best out of Salesforce.

Successful businesses strive to create an organization, which empowers people to innovate, build and serve customers to give them an experience, which creates ‘customers for life’!

Empowering is easier said than done! We are passionate to constantly review and create frameworks for such interventions, with our 5-step process of Aware – Awake – Enable – Engage – Empower.


We understand Interventions & Change management, our experience over the years has been to help and build the right Context and create the environment for successful interventions. Our consultative engagements have over time helped us develop into Deep Generalists; a competency which we believe, adds value to our Clients.

At D-KAMP, we can take multiple locations based on the client’s needs: Advisory, Co Creation and Execution. We help you scale your People, Processes, and Business to the next level. We use technology to enable people to work smarter.


D-KAMP is a one-stop source for Small, Medium and Large global enterprises that seek to define and implement cloud-based solutions across the entire organization. Building on the foundation of customer relationship management (CRM), D-KAMP and Salesforce make it easier than ever for organizations to harness cloud-computing benefits in traditional areas such as sales force automation, fast-growing areas such as customer service and support, and emerging areas such as asset tracking, contract management, human resources and marketing.

D-KAMP guides organizations that are considering new or increased investments in Salesforce, or that are aiming to scale their current footprint;

  • Evaluate and migrate appropriate applications to the cloud
  • Implement CRM cloud-based solutions that enable sales and customer data to be shared more effectively across the enterprise.
  • Optimize sales processes to increase sales and cut operational costs
  • Revitalize customer contact centers
  • Enable change and deliver training with methodologies to rapidly drive commitment
    the result? Transformed organizations, increased efficiency and invigorated partner relationship management programs.



Get expert guidance from Salesforce specialists, who are technologists adept in sales strategies. We offer you years of implementation experience encapsulated from the past to enable smooth Salesforce adoption. From ideation to implementation, our consultants can guide you on leveraging Salesforce to connect with customers like never before.


There is more to Salesforce than the out-of-the-box features it comes with. We can customize your Salesforce implementation technically and functionally to streamline and enhance your business processes. We build custom applications on Force.com (using Apex, Visualforce, jQuery and the like) to expand the capabilities of your Salesforce implementation.

Data Migration

However complex the project, we handle data migration systematically and effectively. Requirements could range from migrating data to the Salesforce cloud from legacy systems or customizing migration tools to ensuring the validity of migrated data. Our experts handle it with a proven iterative approach. Post migration, your data will be clean and non-repetitive with secure backup, enabling smooth user adoption.


Integrating on-premise applications (such as ERP, accounting, project management) or cloud platforms (such as Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine) extend the scope of your Salesforce solution. We have experience integrating Salesforce with numerous applications ensuring data synchronization, both in real time and in batch mode. Based on the requirements, we integrate applications with the help of custom tools or third-party integration tools.


Explore sales opportunities and connect with leads on the go with our Salesforce mobility solutions. By developing and integrating with Saleforce1, you get instant access to customer data, KPIs, product updates, and services on your mobile devices. We also build and share custom mobile apps for the Salesforce community.

Salesforce Lightning

To enhance user experience across devices, the latest update to the Classic version is Salesforce Lightning. You can connect with our Salesforce consultants for the right strategy for migrating to Lightning Experience. Our specialized Salesforce Lightning development team also has the knowledge and implementation experience in building custom Lightning components that comply with the security guidelines.

Looking for Salesforce support in India, Canada and US, reach D-KAMP Services. Drop us a mail for assistance on info@d-kampservices.com