Software Development

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The advancement in the use of Internet, the united economy across the globe, and the innovative technologies entering the market has reformed the rules of software development. Conservative and outdated practices are pretty cumbersome to meet the trending needs of businesses across discrete industries. To cater the rapidly changing demands, businesses hunt for terrific software development solutions that deliver high-quality results and augment the productivity of their operations.

Enterprise applications built to improve efficiency and incubate growth

Graphic12 Software development and enterprise application Software development at D-KAMP has always been an ultimate panacea for distinct needs of clients’ across domains. With competency services on software development application, web and mobile app developments, we have gathered huge appreciation for what we have been delivering to our clients’. Our expertise defines successful conclusion of on-and-offshore software development projects on technologies like Java,  PHP,  .Net, HTML5,  Hadoop,  Android,  iOS,  CSS3, JavaScript, SAP and more.

At D-KAMP, We feature ourselves as a brand that provides custom software development solutions to ensure Graphic13efficiency in business operations and hence add to larger productivity. We are a team of a few best brains in the industry who have an eye for identifying and fixing the loopholes so as to add to proficient functioning of applications and developments. We guarantee our clients’ to offer scalable, extendable and highly secured solutions that give them an extra edge. By far, our services have engraved its presence in industries namely- Education and e-Learning, Social Networking, Retail, Travel, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, etc.

 Web Application Development

                                                                      Implement, Manage, Excel

Web Application Development has made a secure and static habitation on cloud nine lately. It embraces creating and maintaining applications. With a huge range of IT-enabled services like HTML, XML, PHP, Flash, JSP, CSS, ASP etc., a highly customized web application can be structured to best fit in the discrete business scenarios. To dominate the fierce competition, it becomes an alarming concern for companies to develop and implement elite web applications that are scalable, reliable and accessible by customers.

                           Encounter the superlative web software developments at D-KAMP

Graphic14 Entering into the realm of open source web application development almost 2 years ago. Our line of work initiates with performing a handsome research on the background of developments and developing a feasible strategy and plan accordingly. Next we consult clients’ for their specific requirements for designing and developing a web app. Thereafter, monitoring is done to fix the gaps for ensuring thorough training of end users on the resultant.

D-KAMP excels in developing custom web applications that can interact with a business’s legacy systems to Graphic15expand their life-cycle by years. Our expert engineers i.e. Java developers, Drupal developers, .Net Developers etc. who work on different technologies, build applications that deploy both in house or on cloud.

Why choose custom web applications developed at D-KAMP?

  1. Viable to solve all business needs
  2. Flexible to be supported in-house or on cloud
  3. Integrates with other software
  4. Quick turnaround and development time
  5. Accessible anytime, anywhere
  6. Responsive designs

Mobile Application Development

Enterprise Mobility Solution

D-KAMP SERVICES INC. has over the years emerged as a noticeable name for providing mobility solutions and developing remarkable mobile applications. Keeping over thousands of man-hours on developing voluminous mobile apps into account, our developers can be called ‘virtuoso’ in this domain. Their expertise extends on developing apps on iOS, Android, Tizen and Windows etc. Each of the developments released from our team are user-friendly and feature-rich.

We have been advancing to enter in a creation that revolves around mobile phones. With a number of mobile apps being developed and more users readily adapting them, daily transactions over these platforms have skyrocketed. Consequently, enterprises have stepped in to flaunt themselves beyond the desktop zone so as to complement their clients’ needs. Consumers and businesses today demand nonpareil mobile applications (Mobility Solutions) for providing exceptional user experiences.

D-KAMP: A Premium Mobile Application Development Company to Associate With


Having served the major industries like education, retail, service, analytics, healthcare and more, D-KAMP becomes the best pick for any enterprise who wishes to own professional apps. Our dexterous squad of mobile app developers builds web, native and hybrid mobile applications that are functional on desktops, tabs, smartphones and other devices.

Mobile App Development at D-KAMP is an outcome of efforts put on responsive designs, integration with existing infrastructure as per technology (e.g. HTML5) standards and an essence of fresh ideas put in sync.

The Terminal for Enterprise Mobile App Development (Mobility Solutions)

Pursuing a right approach to mobile application development becomes a key success factor for the results delivered. D-KAMP’s developers deliberately use a methodology that ensures low risk and is backed by success through series of experimentation sessions. Listed are the type of mobile apps we aid our clients with-


Android Apps The ones that reside on the user’s phone once they are downloaded from Play Store. They can be launched by tapping on their respective icons and their features can then be availed. Our engineers structure android apps considering the standards of opted platform and respecting the needs of clients. Choose us to own high performing and reliable android apps.

iOS Apps- These apps can also be downloaded from the App Store which can then stay on the user’s phone for further use. These are the most popular apps that are known for offering abundant customer satisfaction. The iOS developers in our crew help you strategize and formulate apps that are a blend of all technical and business requisites. Give us your expectations and we’ll give you stellar iOS apps.

Web Apps- Those apps that can simply be rated as the mobile or pocket version of websites. These apps load on the browsers like Chrome or Safari just as regular websites. If you aspire to make your web app be bookmarked by a bulky user base, employ the experts from D-KAMP.

Hybrid Mobile Apps- Which lie between the native and web apps. They are accessible on web browsers and can be found in the stores when thousands of users search them for downloading purposes. Contracting with us to develop a first rated hybrid app can be your most intelligent decision ever. We are fast and develop compatible (with technologies like HTML5) apps that your customers love to use.

  Product Development

Develop clear measures of success

D-KAMP engineers exclusive product with established infrastructure and resources. We develop product that are designed to compliment your need rather than what we have to sell. Our engagements with customers convert the complex models to tangible designs that are measurable and outstanding. Our resources are known to be excellent at identifying key pain areas of businesses and delivering solutions that cater to eliminating these in the long term. As expert service providers, we ensure that your application is easily scalable, extendable and secure.

      We combine: excellence, technology, innovation and engineering to    Module the product.

Our developers have hands-on experience in developing various new products and enhancing existing products for Graphic18the Indian and overseas markets. We have developed various products on platforms such Java, spring, Python, Dot Net, MS SQL etc.

Our expert professionals exclusively reserved for outsourced projects that deal with your insights and deliver innovative solutions. Our main objective is to reduce the operations cost with no compromise on quality and turnaround time. D-KAMP’s industry specific solution deals with core technologies which comprises Applications and Softwares.

We deliver our Product Development service in following domains;

  • Corrective Maintenance –Fix Bugs
  • Adaptive Maintenance– Upgrade applications and Migrate platforms without deviating current practices
  • Enhancement– Add new module or new reports
  • Perfective Maintenance– Revitalize and rewrite code for future ease of maintenance and increase ability through rationalization of data and performance tuning.


Gain Valuable Insights

With the phenomenal growth of data it is very essential to decrypt valuable information to take well informed decisions. Use D-KAMP’s high performance data mining, predictive analysis, text mining and forecasting services to make the best possible decisions. We have a passion for discovering and communicating meaningful patterns in data. We provide world class solutions to our clients and help them in meeting challenges with Data Governance, Mobile and Big Data Analysis.

        Increase the effectiveness of your decision making by gaining valuable  Insights


Analytics at our organization is a process that consists of five interlinked steps;

Data Import– This step involves gathering of Data from primary and secondary sources or clients and preparing it to be readily used by the analytical tools Hadoop and SPSS.

Data Analysis– Involving quantitative and qualitative analysis of data by breaking the information, once the data has been imported. A detailed research is performed by our analysts about the expected outcomes with the analysis and hence come up with solutions to any existing problems. 

Report preparation– Data is assembled keeping in mind the necessary actions in order to be presented in the next step.

Communication– The prepared report is presented for an internal communication or to the client to discuss the outputs of the analysis.

Implementation– Involves taking action on all the aspects of the analysis including development, testing, and implementation of high performing systems.

E-Commerce Application Development

User Friendly and Customizable

D-KAMP has a proven skill set with E-commerce websites, we help you create a rich user experience for your prospective buyers and help you to engage your users and lure them to buy your products online.

Most businesses today are opting to sell their goods online or are migrating to new platforms that allow for customization. D-KAMP can help you analyze the right platform based on your needs and can build an application that has all the features and functionality that your business requires.

E-Commerce applications built to improve sales and incubate growth 

We believe in creating highly customizable applications that are intended towards reducing the efforts of those managing as well as prospective buyers. Our developers are well experienced in using the latest in technology and Graphic20platforms such as Hybris, Magento, Oracle ATG etc. and can deliver applications that allow for in-depth customization and security.

Inventory management, easy integration with other applications, cataloging, product displays and descriptions, checkout and all other involved processes are simplified and allow you to create a wonderful experience and ensure that your buyers are always returning to your site.

It is essential to create the right experience when offering products online as well as have a platform that makes it easy to manage and customize the offerings. D-KAMP has developed, deployed and maintains several e-commerce sites around the world and have gained numerous laurels for its highly customizable, rich user experience and easy to use e-commerce website.

Web Design and Development

Powerful, Responsive, User-friendly

Having a well-defined line of working is imperative for deciding a business success. On one hand where the businesses are extremely concerned about maximizing their web presence through all-inclusive websites, marketers are also focusing on making them high-quality in terms of design, functionality and user-friendliness. Consequently, web design and development becomes the foundational need of building and airing website, blogs or content management platforms.

Ensure invincible online presence with the blend of attractive design and Developments

Graphic21The next thing that popular search engines like Google give importance to after unique content, is highly engaging designs, behind which lies codes and developments that decides a websites feat. A good design goes hand in hand

with the developments that give it a genuine outlook and functionality. Compromising with any, would mean that you’re compromising with your website and indirectly the product or service being featured.

Focus areas of web design and development;

For a website to be full-fledged, substantial amount of technical and creative efforts have to be invested to focus on the design and development. A smooth User Interface (UI) and dandy User Experience (UX) is a combination of the following-

  • Responsive websites-which are functional on all devices i.e. the size of which adjusts to fit the screens of all sizes
  • Technologies-like HTML5, .Net, PHP, Bootstrap, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc. to develop websites as per specific business needs

Expert designers and developers to get your website LIVE


Whether you want to develop an ecommerce portal with bulk of inventory to manage, or yours is a service-based company having a global presence where employees work on hundreds of projects collaboratively; we build websites for one and all. Our up-to-date developers are skilled to work on latest technologies and thus make certain your website is feature-rich and responsive.

Wait no further to hire the masters of design and development industry

If you wish to elaborate your ideas on your dream website before someone who would listen, understand and develop just what you need, then D-KAMP is your destiny. We work on all aspects of your projects to help you track the progress of your website (and business) LIVE.

Looking for best Web Development and Application Development Solutions, reach D-KAMP Services. Drop us a mail for assistance on leading-edge Solutions now!